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Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group

1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Prostate Cancer kills more men than any other cancer in the UK.  A man dies from prostate cancer every 40 minutes in the UK, that’s over 13,000 every year.  Early diagnosis is the key to successfully treating prostate cancer.  On the Isle of Wight over 300 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, which is one of the highest rates in the UK.


Back in 2011 a small band of travelling patients attending treatment at QA Hospital realised that by supporting each other they could overcome the heartache and challenges of this illness, and by supporting others who were also on this prostate cancer journey they could help them.  From this idea the IWPCSG was formed.  


Now 10 years later we organise regular PSA tests, a monthly newsletter, man an informative support stand at various functions, have monthly support group meetings with informative knowledgeable guest speakers, have a library of prostate cancer information on our website and run a Facebook page for communication between members.  


We are here to help men and their families through the nightmare of diagnosis, the trauma of treatment and the mental anguish of after care, not by having medical expertise but by our knowledge of living through the experience of prostate cancer ourselves.


Talk to the people who have been there, contact us on our general enquiries number 07856606197 or email – we are here to support you. For advice and information about PSA testing contact us on 07568245124 or email 

Disclaimer - Nothing contained on the website is intended to constitute professional advice for medical diagnosis or treatment or to advocate or recommend the purchase of any product or use of any service or guarantee the credentials or appropriateness of any health care provider. Visitors to this website including members of Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group are strongly advised to consult with an appropriate professional for specific advice tailored to their situation


Our Mission Statement

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