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The Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group (IWPCSG) has collated articles, documents and videos providing help, advice and general information about prostate cancer, diagnosis, treatments and living with the disease.

Below lists some of the recent articles which may be of interest

IWPCSG - Helping to inform Isle of Wight men about prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Screening and the PSA Test

Detailed guide to screening for prostate cancer, what is the prostate, the PSA test and the next steps in diagnosis

Prostate Cancer screening Programme

How PSA results are screened with descriptons of the analysis of results, the risk protocol used in assessing results and guidance on the next steps

Reducing Prostate Cancer death rate

Can the death rate from prostate cancer be reduced through the use of new therapeutic medications

Can CBD oil be used to treat prostate cancer?

Bill Turnbull's powerful documentary got plenty of people talking about the various treatment options he tried

Chemotherapy fact sheet

A document from Prostate Cancer UK for men and theirt families who have been offered chemotherapy for the treatment of their prostate cancer

Use of MRI scanning to detect prostate cancer

Article by University College London detailing the use MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans to give detailed cross-sectional images to detect prostate cancer

Treating erectile dysfuncton after radical radiotherapy

This quick guide is for health professionals supporting men with erectile dysfunction after radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer and your sex life

Many men with prostate cancer say that changes to their sex life are the biggest issue they have to deal with

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