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Our Mission Statement 


Become a member

IWPCSG is open for anyone to join.  There is no fee but, of course, we need donations to meet our objectives of supporting, raising awareness and educating people about the dangers of prostate cancer.  

Our members fall into three broad categories:

  • men who have been diagnosed or being treated for prostate cancer or who have survived prostate cancer and are being monitored

  • Family members of men who have had prostate cancer

  • People who recognise the dangers of prostate cancer and want to support us and help us.

We hold a monthly members' meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month. The meetings usually include an external speaker who often has some expertise in diagnosing, treating, recovering from or managing prostate cancer.  The meeting is a great opportunity to discuss your situaton with people who have "been there, done that".

The group also circulate a monthly newletter which includes many articles about the disease, our group and some terrible jokes from our chairman. 

Help us by volunteering

There are many ways you can help the group by volunteering your time to aid us to meet our objectives of

  • supporting men with the disease,

  • raising awareness of the prostate cancer in order that men can be diagnosed early to improve their chances of being successfully treated and

  • educating everyone about the dangers of the disease and the warning signs men should look out for.

You can attend our monthly meetings and discuss with any of the trustees what a volunteer is able to offer the group. 

For example, we need support for our PSA testing events with volunteers:

  • providing reception and administration tasks,

  • marshalling car parking and guiding men through the testing process as quickly and efficiently as possible

  • people to help ensure the testing venue is clean and safe, especially in these times of COVID-19.

We also have a presence at many of the Isle of Wight events such as Chale Show, Wolverton Manor Garden Fair and IOW carnivals plus many supermarkets and garden centres.  At these events we provide information about prostate cancer and where appropriate signpost men of the relevant age to any PSA testing events we are planning. If you have a few hours to spare, especially if our organisation helped you at a difficult time, perhaps you can help us to meet our objectives.

Just think, a couple of hours of your time might enable you to encourage a man to get a PSA test and this just might save his life! 

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