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IWPCSG Newsletters

IWPCSG newsletters are circulated monthly to all members via e-mail.  They contain many articles both general prostrate cancer information plus local Isle of Wight news.  Contact the secretary to receive your copy or click on the image or button below to see recent editions.

December 2023

December newsletter with a review of another year of PSA tests


November 2022

The Need for a Global System for testing and approving Cancer Treatments


September/October 2022

September/October Newsletter with reports on summer events


April/May 2022

April/May 2022 newsletter contains articles covering the recent AGM plus details of the PSA testing event in Cowes


March 2022

March newsletter has articles about Awareness, Free yoga instruction and PSA testing


February 2022

February newsletter contains details of our 2022 PSA testing events and some information about our wellness initiative


January 2022

The newsletter this contains an outline of some of the plans of the group for 2022 including PSA testing and additional support for members plus an article on the new electrical treatment for prostate cancer called “nano knife”


December 2021

December newsletter with details of recent fundraising at Long Lane Xmas lights and Sun Inn Calbourne plus a potential new treatment for prostate cancer


November 2021

This months newsletter contains details of our latest PSA testing event in Ryde, the schedule for the Ladies meeting in 2022 plus an update of our plans for changes in the structure of the group in 2022


October 2021

October newsletter contains an article about the IWPCSG 10th anniversary celebration


September 2021

September newsletter with details of our awareness campaign activity, a new treatment for prostate cancer and further information about the upcoming 10 year anniversary event


August 2021

Monthly newsletter with an article about predictive genetic tests for cancer risk genes and details of our recent PSA testing day and the awareness campaign

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